Jaðarsbakkalaug, Akranesi

Við Innnesveg, Akranesi


Opening hours

  • Weekdays:  06:15 – 21:00
  • Weekends:  09:00 – 18:00


Gjaldskrá - Verð

Valid in 2018Admission30 tickets1 year pass
BörnFree for 0 - 17 years old.
Adults600 kr8.200 kr24.600 kr
Elderly170 kr
Gym and swimming40.000 kr
Rent500 kr500 kr

*Free until the 1st of june the year they turn 16 year old.

Those who are unemployed and registered as such pay no admission fee.


Um sundlaugina

The swimming pool at Jaðarsbakka is a 5 lane, 25 meter outdoor pool. There is a sauna and a water slide. The hot tub area was renovated in 2017 and there is now a small childrens pool and two hot tubs.

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