May and June Opening Hours​

Laugarvatn Fontana

Laugarvatn Fontana geothermal baths use the geo thermal energy from the ground. There ara Steam baths, sauna, the pools and access to the lake.

The steam bath is built over a natural hot spring that provides the steam through the grids on the floor. The tempurature can be from 40°C to 50°C depending on the natural circumstances.

The Sauna is a Finish – style sauna with a tempurature of  80°C – 90°C but a lower humidity than in the steam bath.

There are three small pools that vary in size, depth and tempurature. In the south end is the hot tub with a panoramic view.

It is also possible, and recommended, to walk into the cool lake from the pier. There are hot springs in the lake that make the lake a little warmer next to the beach.

Opening hours

Winter opening 2020

  • Mondays to Thursdays:  Closed
  • Fridays to Sundays:  12:00 – 21:00


Gjaldskrá - Frekari upplýsingar

TicketsAnnual card
Children, 0 - 12 yearsFree*
Teenagers, 13 - 16 years1.500 kr**
Adults, 17 years and older2.500 kr**24.500 kr
Senior citizens and disabled1.500 kr**
Bath ropeTowelSwimsuit
For rent1.500 kr800 kr800 kr
* max 2 children pr adult
** Winter offer