Opening time due to Covid 19

Due to a public gathering ban for more than 20 persons all swimming pools in Iceland are closed temporarily.  The public gathering ban is valid from 24th of march until the 12th of april.

Updated 4. april 2020

The public gathering ban is now valid until 4. may 2020

Updated 14. april 2020

Swimming pools will not open on the 4th of may.  How long it will remain closed is unclear but this will be reviewed in the middle of may.

Updated 4. may 2020

Swimming pools will most likely open on the 18th of may. There may be some services that will not be available.

Updated 15. may 2020

Swimming pools are allowed to open on the 18th of may and the swimming pools in Reykjavík will open at 00:01 after midnight. The number of guests are limited to half of the number allowed according to the operation license, but children born 2015 and later and not counted.

The two meter “rule” is not used in swimming pools but people are asked to try to use the rule where possible anyway.

Updated 15. june 2020

Swimming pools are now allowed to welcome the regular number of guests.