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Vogar, Vatnsleysuströnd

440 6220

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The swimming pool in Vogum is a 16 meter long outdoor pool. It has one hot tub, a childrens pool and a cold tub.  Inside there is a sauna, a gym and spacious dressing rooms.

There are two sports hall, one large and one smaller that is possible to rent.  Also a banquet hall with access to a kitchen.

Opening hours

Opening hours

  • Monday – Friday:  06:00 – 22:00 (Swimming pool closes at 21:00)
  • Saturday and Sunday:  10:00 – 16:00



Gjaldskrá - Frekari upplýsingar

2022Admission10 ticket card30 ticket card
Children, 0 - 6 yearsFree
Children, 6 - 17 years300 kr
Adults670 kr4.970 kr33.290 kr
Senior citizens and disabled300 kr
For rent490 kr490 kr
Larger hall, 1 hourSmallar hall, 1 hour
Sports hall9.780 kr3.070 kr
Birthday / BaptismConfirmation
Banquet hall8.000 kr15.000 kr30.000 kr