Opening hours during the Easter 2024

Vestmannaeyjar – Westman islands

The swimming pool in the Westman islands was first opened in 1976. In 2008 was started to build a new outdoor part of the swimming pool and it was opened in 2010 and is considered among the best in Iceland.

The indoor swimming pool is 25 x 11 meters with 0,9% salted water. The pool has a 1 meter high spring board, floating equipment and more to entertain the children.

The outdoor area has two hot tubs and one large jacuzzi. From the jacuzzi it is easy for the parents to watch their children anywhere in the area. There is a large children´s pool with a climbing wall, basket hoops, children´s water slider and an area for the youngest. There are also two water sliders. One has a trampoline in it where the users bounce off into the water.  The area also has a large sunbathing area. The area is monitored with 12 security cameras.

During weekends the temperature is increased from 29,5°C to 31,5°C.

Access for the disabled in wheelchairs is good.  There are dressing rooms for disabled people that need help. These dressing rooms have also good wheelchair accessibility.

There is also a seperate dressing room for trans people (and children), genderqueer, intersex as well as parents of disabled children that need assistance.

Opening hours

Opening time

  • Weekdays:  06:30 – 21:00
  • Weekends:  09:00 -18:00


Gjaldskrá - Frekari upplýsingar

* Free admission for children up to 10 year old. Admission is charged after the 1st of june the year they turn 10 years old.

Children from 0 – 10 year old are not allowed entry except being escorted with a person that can swim and that is 15 years and older. That person can only excort two children unless it is a parent or legal guardian.

2023Admission30 tickets1/2 year pass1 year pass
Children, 0 - 9 years*0 kr
Children, 10 - 17 years200 kr
Adults1.000 kr10.500 kr17.000 kr20.500 kr
For rent800 kr800 kr