Opening hours during the Easter 2024


The sports center Árbær in Bolungarvík has an indoor swimming pool that is 8 x 16,66 meters big. The outdoor area has two hot tubs, one is 41°C and the other is 39°C. The outdoor area also has a waters slide and a childrens pool. There is also a sauna, cold tub and a resting area.

The sports center alsa has a 22 x 28 meter big sports hall and a spacious well equipped gym.

The sports center is also called “the Temple of water and wellbeing”

Opening hours

Opening hours – summertime

  • Weekdays:  07:00- 22:00
  • Weekends:  10:00 – 18:00

Wintertime, from 1 september:

  • Weekdays:  06:00 – 21:00
  • Weekends:  10:00 – 18:00


Gjaldskrá - Frekari upplýsingar

2024Admission10 tickets30 tickets6 month pass1 year pass
Children, 0 - 6 years 0 kr
Children, 7 - 16 years330 kr2.700 kr3.500 kr
Adults1.350 kr8.300 kr18.000 kr13.500 kr23.000 kr
Senior Citizens550 kr3.340 kr
The disabled550 kr3.400 kr
Rent830 kr830 kr
Gym + swimming pool1.550 kr