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Sælingsdalur swimming pool is a 25 meter long outdoor pool. There is also a childrens pool, hot tubs and a steam bath.

Opening hours

Summer opening

No fixed opening hours.


Gjaldskrá - Frekari upplýsingar

6 years and younger as well as senior citizens living in Dalabyggð pay nothing for entry into the swimming pool.

No entry to the pool 30 minutes before closing time.  Visitors must leave the dressing rooms no later that 15 minutes after closing time.

Valid 2021Ticket10 tickets20 tickets4 month card
Children, 7 - 16 years500 kr1.700 kr2.900 kr6.000 kr
Adults1.000 kr4.200 kr7.200 kr9.000 kr
Seniors and the disabled500 kr1.700 kr2.900 kr6.000 kr
For rent800 kr800 kr800 kr